Trees and Gnomes for Kate from North Carolina

It has been a while since I posted – my guild is putting up a quilt show and I am heavily involved.  As such time is REALLY short!

Ich habe in den letzten zwei Wochen nicht gepostet, denn meine Gilde hat nächste Woche eine Quilt Show in der ich sehr involviert bin – ich habe zur Zeit für fast nichts Zeit!

But, again at the last minute, I accomplished another goal:  the Queen Bee for the month (Bee Inspired) asked for an improv block called Trees and Gnomes.  Even though I fancy myself a lot more of a modern quilter than anything else, this one was not easy for me.  But, here it goes:

Aber wieder einmal im letzten Moment, habe ich es doch geschafft diesen Block für Kate zu nähen.  Sie ist die “Queen Bee” (Bee Inspired) im März und hat sich diesen Block gewünscht.  Er heisst Bäume und Zwerge.  Obwohl ich eine moderne Quilter-in bin, war dieser Block für mich wirklich nicht leicht.

The tone on tone neutrals are vintage fabrics that I had been saving for a “meaningful” project – and what better purpose for them than a transatlantic new friendship!

Diese neutrale Stoffe sind uralt und ich habe sie für einen besonderen Anlass aufgehoben – was ist dann auch ein besserer Anlass als eine neue Transatlantik-Freundin?

I hope Kate is lenient in her critique of me, because I really struggled with this one! Now off to England my gnomes go!

Ich hoffe Kate ist nicht zu streng mit mir, denn ich habe mit diesem Block wirklich gekämpft!  Auf nach England fliegen jetzt meine Zwerge!

Trees & Gnomes for Kate

I had a lot of fun with this, Kate!  I’m not sure that my trees are all that wonky, but I followed the directions and tried to cut at a variety of angles.

A few of my background fabrics looked better with on the wrong side, so I used them that way.  It hopefully isn’t obvious in the picture, but Kate will be able to tell when she sees the back of the block.

I hope this goes well with what you want.  I can’t wait to see what you put together with all these!

March BeeInspired

Look what came in the post.

A wonderful surprise was on the doormat when I got home from work, take a look at


this baby!  Isn’t it cute?  It came all the way from Canada from the lovely Velda.  Thank you Velda, I love it.

Coming home from work is an adventure, I never know what is going to be waiting for me on the doormat, exciting or what?

Smiles from

Kate x


Gnomes and Trees and Perth

Kate's block

Here we are Kate, my Trees and Gnomes for you! I hope you like it! Like everyone else it was a new technique for me. Don’t worry it’s not as yellow as this photo makes it look. I’ll be interested in seeing the finish… for this Christmas?

Since I didn’t come back and post last month I thought I’d tell you a bit about where I live this month. I enjoyed all your posts about your towns! Maybe one day I’ll visit.


This is Perth, Western Australia (as opposed to it’s namesake in Scotland). It’s a city that’s been built in spurts on the back of mining booms – first gold in the 1890’s and most recently iron ore for China so it is a mostly modern city.



We have long hot summers and beautiful white sandy beaches so Perth has a really strong beach culture.

swan valley

I used to live in a beachside suburb but now I’m further inland close to the wine growing, micro-brewery, distillery, chocolate making area. In fact the nearest winery is a 10 minute walk away from my house. I’m not sure how long it would take to walk home ;-).  Luckily the area is a tourist drawcard and is protected from housing development and it will stay that way forever – yay!

Fremantle is the port for Perth and probably the most historic area with buildings that show the beginnings of the state as a convict settlement. It also gives it’s name to the Fremantle Doctor, a stiff breeze that blows in off the ocean in the afternoons in summer keeping the place a few degrees cooler.

Kings Park

Perth also has the world’s largest inner city park, Kings Park. It has areas of botanic park and bushland. The first photo was taken from there since it overlooks the city, and this photo shows a boab tree from the Kimberley region in the tropical north (Western Australia is a big state) which was transported on the back of a truck to preserve it from destruction when they were putting a road through.


Perth’s other drawcard is Rottnest Island, known locally as Rotto. It’s a small island, about an hour by ferry off the coast, that is a short holiday destination for locals. There is a bus service but no cars and you get around it by cycling or by walking. It’s all about the beaches again here as well. It’s a good place for a day-trip but a great place to stay for a weekend. It’s claim to fame is that it is one of the few places to home the cutest little version of kangaroo ever – the quokka. They actually gave the island it’s name when the Dutch explorers mistook them for rats (I would hate to come across a rat that size!).

Trees and Gnomes for Kate

Trees and Gnomes for Kate

I was able to grab some time between trips to get my March block done.   I have to admit I wasn’t totally crazy about it to start, but making the blocks was an interesting process.  And doing different things is kind of what this is about, isn’t it?

Here is my fabric pull – I was drinking coffee in my New Mexico mug on a Sunday morning:

And here is my finished block.  I was in deep concentration trying to make the trees, and especially putting the darn trunks on the trees – they kept winding up way off to the side – so I don’t have any in-process photos.


My one tip would be to fold the bottom piece in half to get a crease, and then set it under the tree/gnome before cutting to put in the trunk to get a sense of where the trunk is going to wind up.  Before I did that, I kept cutting my bottom piece way too far over on one side or the other, and the trunk wound up in an odd place (see the bottom 2 trees).  But overall I’m pretty happy with it, and got it sent off to Kate Friday morning.  I do hope she likes it.  I think the gnomes are cute!

Home again!

In February, Sue had asked that we write a bit about where we live and I just did not get around to it while in Texas.  So here I am back in Missouri and I am glad to be home.  Don’t get me wrong, being a Winter Texan is great!

Sue’s block was a joy to make, and I think I may have to use that in the next bee I am in.  This could get addictive!  As you can tell, Bella loved the block too!





We were able to spend time on Padre Island enjoying the ocean breezes and the sunshine.  I was surprised at how much I hated leaving all my new friends at the Breezy Lake RV Park….it was like leaving my family!  Every Tuesday and Thursday morning we got together for Crafting…we worked on quilting, beading, crochet and knitting.  And of course lots of visiting!  On Wednesday afternoon, we met for quilting.  And of course there were dinners, card games, music and dancing….never boring!  Just like much of the nation, the temperatures were much warmer than normal.  It got up to 105 in the Rio Grande Valley…not normal!

When we are home, we live in Lees Summit, Missouri.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by awesome quilt shops…Missouri Star in Hamilton is about 45 minutes away.  Also, Quilters Station is here in Lees Summit…a fabulous treat!

I am most fortunate to live in the same neighborhood as my grandsons, Jack and Caleb.  It is so nice to have them ride their bikes over to hang out with me in my art room/sewing room.  They enjoy creating too!  Every year, on Memorial day weekend, we have a fishing derby for the kids in our subdivision.  Lots of fun for all of us!

My flower beds are a great source of joy and work…actually therapy, not work.  I have to stop myself from putting in more beds as I need time to tend to them!

IMG_9545 (2)


Lees Summit is just south of Kansas City, Mo.  We are home to the Royals and the Chiefs.  Kansas City is also known as the City of Fountains.  I love living in this area of the country…I don’t feel like I live in a big city.  We have access to so many things and the Lake of the Ozarks is only 2 1/2 hours away.  The RV has made many trips to the lake!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of the area I live in!  And if you ever come to the Kansas City area, I hope you will enjoy it and maybe stop by for a visit!