G’day from Orstralya

I’m Sue and I live and work full-time in Perth, Western Australia. It’s summer here at the moment so while the rest of you are shovelling your way through snow we are sweltering through a forecast top of 42°C which, in my opinion, is just unnecessarily hot!


I generally avoid posting photos of myself but, for you… this is a photo I took on my camera when I first got it. It has a selfie mode where the backscreen folds up so you can see yourself and I was playing around with it to see how it worked. It was never meant to see the light of day as you can see from my paint spattered gardening t-shirt but it has turned out to be one of my best photos, perhaps because I’m not trying too hard. And those reading glasses – I think I’ll wear them more often!

I’m from the generation that learned to sew as a youngster which I pretty much only dabbled in up until my late 30s when I decided I wanted to do a bit more. My garment sewing needs much improvement and is frankly disheartening. Enter quilting which I discovered when I visited a few local fabric stores that were converting from hybrid dressmaking sewing stores to quilting only as the popularity for the craft picked up in Australia. I was filled with the enthusiastic obsessive passion of the beginner quilter which wore off and then returned when I discovered modern quilting. I love the simplicity of the minimalist designs and they really suit the amount of time I have available to sew as well.

This year will be my first time for participating in a bee and I got a place in Hive 1 in Stash Bee as well. I’m not the type of person who leaves deadlines till the last minute so you can expect your blocks on time!

I’m up in February but before then I’ll post a bit of info about keeping postage costs down for the long trip out here, I just need to double check my facts first.

I’m so excited to get started!

Sue xx



8 thoughts on “G’day from Orstralya

  1. So wonderful to meet you Sue! Can’t wait to learn more about you, and about quilting in Australia! I love several Australian quilting mags, and like Jen, I’m fascinated by the differences and the similarities in our shared hobby.

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  2. Love your title, Sue 🙂 I can literally hear that Australian accent! By the way, I meant to comment on your last blog post because the snail quiltalong you’re doing is going to be SOOO cute! Looking forward to participating in this bee with you!


    • Thanks Janice! Hopefully my accent isn’t quite that broad :-)! Those snails have got me quite excited. I started pulling fabrics for them this morning when I should have been leaving the house for work!


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