Hello from the Midwest!

Hi I’m Jennifer and I’m addicted to fabric. <grin>


I learned to sew when I was little, and made garments and home dec items. I loved fabric even then. The best part of the process for me has always been choosing just the right fabric for a project. As you can see, I love to shop for fabric! <wink>

I blame(??) my quilting hobby on my daughter Katerina. It took us a long time to get pregnant and when I finally did, I guess the hormones got the best of me. <grin> I quickly decided to make my new baby a quilt (despite the fact that I’d never made one) and visited a store near me to look for just the right pattern. I saw this beautiful quilt on display and signed up for the class. The quilt was scrappy, so I decided to go scrappy too! The store had a barrel of quilt scraps—so much a bag. So I went through that whole barrel, digging out fabric that was baby-themed or baby looking, and filled my bag. When I arrived at class with my fabric scraps all pressed, I learned how to cut them into tiny triangles using a plastic template we created in class. Then I learned how to sew all those tiny triangles back together. Not well, mind you, or straight even. But they were back together.


Lucky for me, I was completely ignorant of strip piecing methods and so was the instructor, who was a hand-piecer who preferred templates and sewing little triangles together. So I happily started out on my first quilting adventure. I was making my baby a quilt!

I soon learned however that sewing tiny triangles together (instead of making HSTs en masse) is not how I like to make quilts. So the baby quilt took about 5 years to complete, as I put it aside pretty early on and focused on my new baby and also learning how to really make a quilt. It’s not perfect and most of the points are either cut off or don’t match up, but Katerina loves it and so do I.


ig-quilting-for-square-inventoryI started my blog a little over a year ago after I published a book on quilting. Yep, it seems that I do everything in an backwards kind of way! My book, not that you would have seen it, was published by a traditional book publisher (Pearson) who sells only into traditional book channels (Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc) and despite my best efforts, not into quilt stores. So mostly I sell the book myself on my website so other quilters might eventually find it and like it. Despite the title, it’s a complete guide to all things quilting, from beginner to intermediate. It contains 18 quilt patterns and projects. I’m kinda proud of it, even if no one will ever see it.

Since you’re wondering, I’ll tell you. I’m a technical writer by profession, and I’ve written about 200 books on boring stuff like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, upgrading computers and editing digital photos. So when Pearson wanted someone to write a book on quilting, they thought of me and that’s how I got the gig. I’d love to do another book someday, using an actual quilt book publisher. <grin>  I currently write and edit quilt patterns for various fabric manufacturers and that’s a wonderful change. I’ve published several of my own patterns and I sell them on my blog.

Oh! I almost forgot to say. I live in Indiana and I’m a huge IndyCar racing fan. My husband, daughter, and I attend the Indy 500 every year and we really enjoy it.


The three of us are lucky enough to have a cat named Lucy who allows us to share a home with her. <grin> Lucy is a rescue kitty from a local shelter and she’s sweet and independent. Previous kitties used to get up near my sewing machine and sit on my quilts, but Lucy doesn’t. It’s funny, but I kinda miss that. <grin> I love dogs too but we haven’t got the yard for one to roam around in, but I love seeing your photos of dogs, cats, and other pets so please share!


Gee whiz this post is long! Sorry. Guess once you get me started….

Jennifer xoxoxo


9 thoughts on “Hello from the Midwest!

    • Thanks “Other One Jen”! I love having my stash arranged by color. It looks like a rainbow! But as I work, things get out of sorts and I have to reorganize a bit when I’m done. It’s worth it though.


    • Ha! There’s nothing to feel guilty about! My husband considers me an artist and my fabrics my “paint”. So he sees them as a necessity. Isn’t that a wonderful point of view?


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