Colorful Block for Sharon

Thank goodness I was able to get my block in the mail last Friday.  My city has basically shut down due to snow and ice.  Portland is not prepared for this kind of weather AT ALL.  The roads are a mess.  img_0433

It was pretty for a day or two, but if you wanted to venture out you needed a lot of patience and luck.  I bet Home Depot sold out of chains and shovels.  🙂

On the plus side, all these snow days have given me lots of time in my sewing room.  Yeahoo!

I had a lot of fun making the block for Sharon.  It was about time for me to dig through my scraps.  They are getting out of control and I find that I am using them less and less because I never find what I am looking for.  After I finished the block, I took one of my color separated containers and dumped it out.  Pulling out the bits that were too scraggly and little to have much use.  I also tossed some of the not so quality fabric that I had used in the past before I knew what I was doing. -I have far too much of this fabric that I just won’t use on quilts anymore, so if any of you have suggestions for it, let me know. I am thinking of trying a rope/coil basket today.-

But, I did find some fun fabrics to use in the block for January.  I had bits of some of my favorites that were big enough.  I just love that pink and green stripe!  🙂




Thanks Sharon for choosing such a fun block!  I can’t wait to see how they all come together.

4 thoughts on “Colorful Block for Sharon

  1. Beautiful block. I too have lotsa fabric that I don’t use anymore for quilts. I am considering making some placemats for Meals on Wheels with them


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