February Block Request for Sue

Hello everyone! It’s my turn to request our block this month – how exciting! I can’t wait to see what you all do!


For my block I’m requesting the Inside Addition block originally designed by Jessica (@alittlegressica) at 8″ unfinished.



I want mine to finish at 12 ½” (13″ unfinished). Upsizing it is fairly simple.

Here’s what you will need


4 HST units with an unfinished size of 5 ½̎  using background and feature fabrics

(I’m not including cutting measurements or sewing techniques here. I know everyone has their own favourite HST method. I like to make mine oversized and trim. Links to resources are included at the bottom of the post);

4 x 3″ squares background fabric

2 x 3″ squares feature fabric

1 x  3″ x 8″ strip feature fabric


Sew 2 background squares to either end of the feature fabric strip and sew two feature fabric squares to one background fabric square each; sew the HST units to the 2 square units; then the two sewn sections to the centre strip and admire! (That’s black arrow, then green arrow, then red

As promised, here are some links:

Blossom Heart Quilts triangle tutorials (with the maths!)


For focus colours I’m looking for a rainbow of mid to dark tones, something like those used in these two quilts from No Hats in the House and Carla at Grace and Favour. You can use solids or blender prints; hand-dyes and batiks are welcome. You can go as scrappy as you like with these just so long as the block remains monochromatic.

For backgrounds please use low volume solids or prints in white or cream.

You will note, if you check the two quilts above that the option for making the block with the low volume fabric as the feature has been used in some of the blocks – take up this option if you want to!

In the interests of keeping your postage down since I note that some of you only have very thin letter limits, this month I’m going to ask you to tell me about the area you live in when you post your block back on this blog. I stole this idea from Emily’s post in Stash Bee and I apologise, Emily, if you were intending to use it for your month. I’m fascinated by where you are and I confess to searching Google earth for some of you to find out exactly where you live and see what major town or landmark you might be close to, so tell me more!

I hope you have fun with this and don’t forget to read my post on sending blocks cheaply before you post!!!!!

9 thoughts on “February Block Request for Sue

  1. Fun block! I’m a little confused by how many fabrics are in each block. The picture has 4 fabrics but the diagram and instructions seem to have 2 fabrics. How many fabrics are you looking for? 2 background and 2 feature, or 1 of each?


    • Yes, I thought it might be a way to make the fabric stretch further if you know what I mean. I don’t think it worked all that well to be honest but I ran out of time to make a replacement. Cheers Sue


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