Sue’s February Block

I finally got Sue’s block finished and in the mail.  FINALLY!  I had pulled out fabrics and put them back and pulled some more and put those back.  Sighed in frustration at my lack of fantastic scraps of a perfect size, then pulled out more fabric.  I really don’t know why picking out fabrics for the bee blocks has been so difficult for me.  I guess I just want these blocks to be perfect.  I am definitely finding holes in my stash though (which I am going to remedy this weekend at the Fabric Depot Warehouse Sale!  Woot!).  Why on earth I don’t have many low volume neutrals I will never know.

Either way, I finished the block and I am very pleased with it and I hope you are too Sue.


Sue wanted to know a little about where we each are from.  I would like to know as well.  🙂  I moved to Portland, Oregon almost two years ago and still have so much to discover about this place.  A few things I do know:  1.  It does actually rain as much as they say it does.  2.  It is as liberal and hipster as they say it is.  I still find myself amazed at the diversity everywhere I go.  I moved here from Montana where even the “cities” are a little bit “country”.  Portland has so many languages and so many lifestyles, you can find a place where you fit in no matter what.


Portland is a very beautiful city.  There is green everywhere, all year round.  When I first moved here, all I could comment on was how there would be a dense forest only 6 feet wide along the side of the road.  And so many different kinds of trees and plants.  To be honest, I haven’t ventured out into the many hiking trails and nature paths that are all around the area, but my sister does all the time and she shares photos of the scenic waterfalls and views.

The funny thing is that on the other side of the city, only a 15-30 minute drive there are hills covered in vineyards.  My aunt said it reminded her of Tuscany.  We were on a drive during the Lavender Festival visiting all of the different lavender farms surrounding the city.  Beautiful!

Then, you could drive west for an hour and be at the beach.  Have you seen The Goonies?  Yeah, that beach.  🙂

Even the scenery is diverse in my next of the woods.


Sue – I hope you enjoy your block. It was a lot of fun to make, so easy (after I decided on the fabric that is).   I can’t wait to see all of the different color combinations together.

Happy Quilting!

6 thoughts on “Sue’s February Block

  1. It may have taken you a while to choose but you sure made lovely choices Jen, your block is lovely. The area you live in sounds fascinating, if only it wasn’t quite so far away from me.


  2. Great block. I know what you mean about the low volume neutrals. I bought a huge bundle of Zen Chic paper neutrals last year and have used them a lot, but I’ve used them so much now I feel like I need more variety!
    We lived in Portland a few times for temporary assignments for my previous employer, Intel. Unfortunately it was always from October through March, so rain, rain, and more rain. It is a pretty area with lots to do. We really enjoyed a wine tour we took in the area, and still belong to the Lenne and Four Graces wine clubs.
    I’ve also been to Butte – my husband’s cousin got married in the area a few years ago. Enjoyed it – very interesting area.


    • Oh my, someone that has been to Butte? hahaha. Funny thing is, I am fighting every urge to ask for the name of who got married. 🙂


  3. I love your block, Jen! Superb fabric choices. I completely understand the fabric deliberation – I’m forever questioning my fabric choices and my stash – is it modern/current enough? To be honest I have no idea if a fabric is current or not, there is so much around and so I figure no-one else does either unless they own a shop. That philosophy didn’t stop me refilling my low volume stash recently though ;-). Your town sounds absolutely divine!


  4. What beautiful colors! Certainly worth all the effort it took to find just the right fabrics. I’ve never been to Portland but I would sure love to. Tuscany? Vineyards? Lilacs? All my faves.


    • It IS a lovely area when the sun is shining. Not TOO bad when it is cloudy. I will have to take more photos to share when we get one of those days this Spring.


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