February Bee Block for Sue

February is almost over, and I’m in just under the wire! I finally found time during this crazy short month to make my bee block for Sue. Sorry for the delay!

This month’s block is called Inside Addition, designed by Jessica @A Little Gray. Jessica’s original design resulted in a 7 1/2” finished block. Sue wanted a 12 1/2” block, so adjustments were made. For colors, Sue requested a monochromatic block using mid to dark tones made with solids, blenders, hand-dyes or batiks. I choose purple, my favorite color. We were to use white or cream for the background.


I used my four-at-a-time HST method to make the HSTs.


The block sews up easy and looks super cute. I can’t wait to see Sue’s finished quilt top.

my-block-6In lieu of sending an extra square of fabric with the block, Sue requested that we tell her more about where we are from. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana, located in the Midwestern section of the United States. A lot of people mistake it for Minneapolis which is in Minnesota, but as you can see they are located nowhere near each other. <grin>

2/28/2017 , 3:03:30 PM
Google Maps - Mozilla FirefoxNor is the weather in Indy anything close to that of Minneapolis, which I imagine is covered in snow most of the winter. In Indy we get maybe one big snowfall a year—which could mean a foot or more. Most of the time though our “big” snowfall of the season is only a few inches and it melts the next day.

winter-1One of the biggest things Indy is known for is the Indianapolis 500. My husband and I are big fans and we go every year. In fact, attending the race was one of our first dates. The Indy 500 appeals to my love of racing and of history, so it’s a natural fit. You have no idea how big the place is until you are inside it. I’m in awe every time I visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

I live near a small art district known as Broad Ripple. It’s a wonderful place to walk around, grab a bite to eat, take photos, and people watch. One of our other first dates was to a restaurant in Broad Ripple—Ambrosia—which has since moved. Although its menu has changed, Ambrosia remains one of our favorites.

Indiana is basically flat, which I hate. Southern Indiana where my mom’s folks are from is lovely though, and very hilly. I love to take a drive there and walk around Brown County State Park. In fact, I went there with Scott one fall to take photos of my quilts in a fall setting. We had a lot of fun that day, celebrating our anniversary and my quilts. Fall is one of my favorite seasons–here in Indianapolis the weather is always changing and I like that too. I guess I like variety. <grin>

Indiana has a large Amish community and thus, a lot of vintage quilts and covered bridges. I find both inspirational.

I really hope you like my block Sue, and my story. The post office is closed now, but tomorrow I’ll put your block in the mail to you, all the way over the pond to Australia!



One thought on “February Bee Block for Sue

  1. I love this block, Jennifer! You’ve picked beautiful fabrics! Thanks for all the info about Indianapolis (and the map which helps place it!), it sounds like a great place to live, I do love a covered bridge.


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