Trees and Gnomes for Kate

I was able to grab some time between trips to get my March block done.   I have to admit I wasn’t totally crazy about it to start, but making the blocks was an interesting process.  And doing different things is kind of what this is about, isn’t it?

Here is my fabric pull – I was drinking coffee in my New Mexico mug on a Sunday morning:

And here is my finished block.  I was in deep concentration trying to make the trees, and especially putting the darn trunks on the trees – they kept winding up way off to the side – so I don’t have any in-process photos.


My one tip would be to fold the bottom piece in half to get a crease, and then set it under the tree/gnome before cutting to put in the trunk to get a sense of where the trunk is going to wind up.  Before I did that, I kept cutting my bottom piece way too far over on one side or the other, and the trunk wound up in an odd place (see the bottom 2 trees).  But overall I’m pretty happy with it, and got it sent off to Kate Friday morning.  I do hope she likes it.  I think the gnomes are cute!

5 thoughts on “Trees and Gnomes for Kate

  1. This is a great block Ann! I had problems with the gnome legs. It wasn’t such an easy block but an enjoyable challenge. (PS I have tried commenting on your blog a couple of times but I keep getting a server error. It could be that I’m commenting in my tea break at work and using a version of Chrome that dates back to 2015. I’m hoping they give us an update soon.)


  2. Thanks so much, and thanks for the heads up on my blog. It’s not your browser (for this problem, at least! 🙂 ) – it appears my blog or hosting service was down this weekend. I just did a test comment and that worked, so I think I’m good now. If I could just get my ‘subscribe to me by email’ thing to work, I’d be a happy blogger!

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  3. Oh she definitely likes it, wonderful Anne, I can’t wait for it to come through my letter box. It is an interesting process if you haven’t done it before. That’s the great thing about a bee, you experience stuff you wouldn’t normally choose, and you never know, you may find something you absolutely love.


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