Gnomes and Trees and Perth

Kate's block

Here we are Kate, my Trees and Gnomes for you! I hope you like it! Like everyone else it was a new technique for me. Don’t worry it’s not as yellow as this photo makes it look. I’ll be interested in seeing the finish… for this Christmas?

Since I didn’t come back and post last month I thought I’d tell you a bit about where I live this month. I enjoyed all your posts about your towns! Maybe one day I’ll visit.


This is Perth, Western Australia (as opposed to it’s namesake in Scotland). It’s a city that’s been built in spurts on the back of mining booms – first gold in the 1890’s and most recently iron ore for China so it is a mostly modern city.



We have long hot summers and beautiful white sandy beaches so Perth has a really strong beach culture.

swan valley

I used to live in a beachside suburb but now I’m further inland close to the wine growing, micro-brewery, distillery, chocolate making area. In fact the nearest winery is a 10 minute walk away from my house. I’m not sure how long it would take to walk home ;-).  Luckily the area is a tourist drawcard and is protected from housing development and it will stay that way forever – yay!

Fremantle is the port for Perth and probably the most historic area with buildings that show the beginnings of the state as a convict settlement. It also gives it’s name to the Fremantle Doctor, a stiff breeze that blows in off the ocean in the afternoons in summer keeping the place a few degrees cooler.

Kings Park

Perth also has the world’s largest inner city park, Kings Park. It has areas of botanic park and bushland. The first photo was taken from there since it overlooks the city, and this photo shows a boab tree from the Kimberley region in the tropical north (Western Australia is a big state) which was transported on the back of a truck to preserve it from destruction when they were putting a road through.


Perth’s other drawcard is Rottnest Island, known locally as Rotto. It’s a small island, about an hour by ferry off the coast, that is a short holiday destination for locals. There is a bus service but no cars and you get around it by cycling or by walking. It’s all about the beaches again here as well. It’s a good place for a day-trip but a great place to stay for a weekend. It’s claim to fame is that it is one of the few places to home the cutest little version of kangaroo ever – the quokka. They actually gave the island it’s name when the Dutch explorers mistook them for rats (I would hate to come across a rat that size!).


12 thoughts on “Gnomes and Trees and Perth

  1. Are you kidding me…you used to live by a beautiful beach, but decided to move inland closer to wine country, distilleries….and chocolate shops….what a tragedy! Seriously Perth has always been near the top of my bucket list, and hubby and I are now retired and just starting to plan an amazing journey to Australia/New Zealand in our fall 2018 or your fall 2019. Cannot wait. Will require you to point me towards the best red wine and chocolate.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Perth is not a place I know much about (or Australia for that matter) and you make it sound so lovely.
    Your block is cute! Lots of fun fabrics in there. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely block, it fits in great with the rest that I have seen, thank you. My son stayed in Perth for a few months a few years ago, I asked him about and he said, ‘it was very hot’. Thank you for expanding on his description, I know a bit more now. I like the idea of living in a wine growing area!


    • Perth must seem super hot for you guys with your 3 days of summer weather! To be honest summers usually drag for me with their truly outrageously hot days, thankfully this year was very mild and now we are in autumn with a chill in the air at night. My favourite season!


      • Is this the best time of year to plan a trip to your part of the world? We want to be comfortable when travelling and coming from our winter we will notice any degree of warmer weather


  4. Now Perth sounds like a wonderful place to live! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures and I want a quokka…I think one might be a great playmate for Bella! I would be in trouble if I lived where chocolate and wine are made, although Missouri has some wonderful wines and some of the vineyards are close by. We enjoy doing trips along the Missouri wine trails…a fun outing and a good nights sleep afterwards!


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