Quatrefoil Block

Happy New Year to everyone!  Can you believe it is time to start up again????

This block and the scrappy quilt that results has caught my eye for a while, so this is it for 2018.  I tried out this pattern and it is super easy!  Here is where you can get your copy of the PDF.  PDF pattern

For the background please use white, or a white on white, or a tiny print that is predominantly white background.  Fabric D.

For the rest, use from your stash of  pinks, turquoise, blue, green, yellow, coral.   No batiks please.  If this will help, here is a picture of  a great combo.  This will be used for a Project Linus Quilt, so think babies and children for your color choices.


And please do not mail to me until I post my Texas address, we are headed south again and I don’t know my mailbox number yet.  I will post on FB next week with an address.

I do have my quilt from last year set together and ready to quilt.  It is so cute!  I know some child is going to love it.  I plan to give it to Project Linus.  So thank you to all of you for contributing.  Emily, I will post once it is quilted.

January 4, 2017….we are in Texas! So here is my mailing address for you:

1710 North Vermillion   G6     Brownsville, TX  78521

And I’m loving the blocks I am seeing! 


6 thoughts on “Quatrefoil Block

  1. I made a quatrefoil block for the first time last month and love it–great choice!!! Do you want the colors in designated spots in the block? Or anywhere as long as they are colors in your list?


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