Bookcase block for Emily

So sorry it’s late Emily but I hope you like it anyway.  The theme is the ‘author’, Alison Glass.

I added a Russian doll on the shelf and a bookworm, Gloom.  I really enjoyed making it, so much so it has now gone on my wishlist as a gift for my long suffering beloved.  Why long suffering?  You haven’t seen what migrates out from my sewing room into every other room in the house.  It wasn’t me though, it must have been the dogs, hehe.

IMG_0777 2

Enjoy, this is going to be a fabulous quilt.

With smiles from,

Kate x

2 thoughts on “Bookcase block for Emily

  1. I love it, Kate! The doll is fabulous! And Gloom the worm!!!! I think a few people now want to make bookshelf quilts 🙂 I’m so excited to put this one together! And it will go in my sewing room/guest room, so I’ll see it all the time and be reminded of everyone.


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