February 2018 Bee Block

This year I really wanted to design my own block, but I really had a hard time landing on a plan.  I’ve seen this technique for making scrappy strips online and have always liked it, so I decided to go with that.

I wrote up a tutorial for making the scrappy strips and the blocks on my blog here.

The tutorial shows how to make the scrappy strips on a base of a 2″ muslin strip.  I used muslin rather than paper or receipt tape because I didn’t want to remove all the paper.

This is my scrappy strip before trimming:

strip before trim

and after trimming:

strip post trim

And these are the blocks I made:

both blocks

For my block, I would like:

  • A 12.5″ block with an all white background
  • The use of at least 2 scrappy strips per block.  How you arrange the strips on the block is up to you.  To have 2 strips on a 12.5″ block you’ll need about 30″ of scrappy strips – might be best to just do a full yard.
  • For the scrappy strips, I’d like the scraps to be as brightly colored as possible.  Batiks are fine.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!  Good luck!

14 thoughts on “February 2018 Bee Block

    • Thanks Moira – this is kind of cool because you can just start a strip of scraps to use up what you have, then use the strip later when you decide on a project. I’d love to see what you do with it!


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