Eye Spy Blocks for Paige

Paige is sharing Queenly honors with me this month, and for her block she requested a teen-aged version of a modern Eye Spy block. Here’s her sample.

I spy blocks 2Paige said we could use anything we wanted in the middle, as long as we used purple, pink, blue, aqua or grey solids on the outside. I have a large selection of solids so that wasn’t a problem. Finding modern prints that might qualify as Eye Spy was harder, but not too hard as I came up with several.

Paiges block 1Since the block was simple, Paige asked if we could make more than one if we had time.  She plans to sew them together into charity quilts for teenagers. The blocks were indeed very simple and fast to make. I had so much fun finding fabric for them, I made three!

Paiges block 3Here they are Paige! They will soon be on their way to you.

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3 thoughts on “Eye Spy Blocks for Paige

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I just love those ice cream cones! I’m glad Paige approved them – and I agree they are just perfect for teenagers. What a great idea. ~smile~ Roseanne


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