June block for Jen

circle of geese

When Jen asked for a block of our choice for this month I knew exactly what I was going to make because when I posted my Stash Bee Geese Trails block from Piece and Press block for March queen (also) Jen (@jentexas) on Instagram (see it here) she said it was on her list of makes. I know how long my own list is and how frequently it gets updated so here it is – a tertiary coloured Circle of Geese. I used a different pattern this time around, the Circle of Geese from Piece by Number, and increased the size by 125% so that it turns out at 16” finished. I wasn’t intentionally going to place the geese in rainbow order and that’s just as well because somehow the plan I did have went awry anyway. Hope you like it Jen!



8 thoughts on “June block for Jen

  1. Very pretty! I’ve been working on Jen’s block, too. And I keep thinking, who “moves” to Montana? Being from ND, I always thought people ended up in Montana by accident like being born there or married into it, never by choice.

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    • Thanks Anne! Both patterns are much the same and it’s definitely an effective block. I’ve seen a quilt made entirely from them on Pinterest which I really like but wow all that paper piecing!


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