July Tutorial – 10-inch Toadstools

SB tutorial finished

Yep, July already! Well here anyway. This month we’re making a toadstool quilt for my great-niece Tilly, a term that makes me sound like I’m 150 😊. Velda and Emily have made me these blocks for Stash Bee already, where it was popular with my hive mates and a couple of you expressed that you would have liked it to be our bee block too so I’m here to please! I’ve changed my original plan and I’m now going to be making a larger quilt. Hope you enjoy it!

The block has been tweaked – up scaled, turned into a square, simplified slightly, and the tiny HST units have been removed (you’re welcome) – from this block by I am LunaSol. It turns out that it now looks very similar to this block by Patty Sloniger. When I couldn’t find the pattern in her shop I checked with her and she has given her consent to me using it so long as I acknowledge that she came up with it first. I’m more than happy with that!

SB tutorial fabric selection

FOR FABRIC CHOICES I would prefer a red and white print for the toadstool tops if you have it or black and white if you don’t, low volume prints on white or off white for the background, a mid to dark grey print, blender or solid for the stem and a pale grey print, blender or solid for the gills. Since Tilly is coming up to her third birthday feel free to add prints with some novelty value.

SB tutorial cutting


From the red print

Cut one rectangle 5 ½” x 10 ½”

Cut two 1 ½” squares

From the pale grey

Cut one 1 ½” x 10 ½” rectangle

From the darker grey

Cut one rectangle 4 ½” x 3”

From the low volume

Cut two rectangles 4 ½” x 4 ¼”

Cut two 3 ½” squares


SB tutorial flip triangles

Mark the diagonals on the two low volume squares and the two red print squares

Line the low volume squares up in the corner of the red print rectangle so the line cuts across the corner, and the same for the red print squares on the pale grey print rectangle. Stitch along the marked line. Trim and press.

SB tutorial layout

Stitch the two low volume rectangles to either side of the darker grey rectangle.

Stitch the three sections together to form a toadstool.

And we’re done!


Please also add an airmail sticker or write it on the envelope to avoid the two month delivery time.

I know you guys will do a stunning job and I can’t wait to see them!

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