February 2019 – Charity Block(s)

It is my turn to provide a block that can be put together into a charity quilt.  I drew this block a little while back just for this purpose.  it is paper-pieced, but really, really easy. And if you would rather not paper piece, it can be constructed in other ways too.

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 6.47.22 PM

As for colors, I would like for you to use a dark blue for the “background” please.  For the stripes please make the top stripe yellow and the bottom stripe green. I am envisioning bright, vibrant colors for this quilt.

When finished, it will be donated to the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project.  Following a couple of devastating years and equally devastating hurricanes, Carole (From My Carolina Home) created the project in order to help households in Eastern North Carolina.

Below are a few examples of how the block can be used:

The .pdf for the pattern is below: (please ensure that when printed the block is the correct measurements; 6 1/2″ from outside line to outside line).

job_3209 Paper Pieced

I hope you all have fun with this one!

Lastly, please try and get the block (or blocks if you are feeling industrious) to me by March 15th.



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