More Boats Sailed My Way

Since I last posted pictures of all the boat blocks that have sailed my way, I’ve gotten the final two shipments.  (I love puns!)

Ann of Brown Paws Quilting sent these two boats.  Purple is my favorite color, so you know I love these sails!


Paige of Quilted Blooms sent these three boats.  Don’t you want to just disappear to where the sky is that blue and the water is that clear??


Paige even decorated the outside of the mailing envelope.  I was excited to see this in my mailbox!


In total, I received 19 boat blocks!  Add in the 3 I made as tests/examples, and that’s 22 boats!  I haven’t decided on layout yet.  I may do 4 x 5 and then use 2 for the back.  I’ll post a picture when I have a top assembled.

I am not accepting any more boat blocks but we do have other charity quilts this year if you want to participate!  Irene has created a block to be turned into a quit for the Carolina Hurricane Project, you can find the instructions here.  Irene will be accepting blocks mailed by March 15th.  And Ann is our next charity quit hostess, she will be posting her block and deadline soon (probably tomorrow!)


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