February Block for Sue


Hi, I’m Kate from Smiles from Kate and here is my block for Sue.

img_4466I used medium to dark tones as you requested, although it is a bit lighter than the pic.  It has been a lovely block to make Sue, I hope you like it.

As per Sue’s request, here is a bit about the where I am in the world.

I live in the Northeast of England, it’s probably one of the least populated areas of the country which suits me fine being a country girl.  My nearest city is Newcastle upon Tyne, it has a mix of old and new buildings and is one of the smaller cities in the UK.

millennium_bridge_newcastleNewcastle is famed for it’s many bridges which span the River Tyne, this is the latest, the Millennium Eye, it tilts to let ships pass under.

Where I live used to be an area with lots of coal mines and as a small child I remember seeing men going home from the pit with black faces and their eyes showing white, but the underground mines are gone now.


This is the pit in the village I grew up in in 1940, one of my grandfathers worked here and both my grandfathers, my Dad, and many other relatives were all miners, although my Dad left after an accident he was involved in when I was quite small.

There is a lot of farming in the Northeast and the scenery is lovely, dotted with small villages.  We have a beautiful coastline too with golden beaches of deep sand, but unfortunately we don’t get a lot of hot weather to use them so much.  We have castles too and it is where the Emperor Hadrian built his wall to keep out the Scotts, in fact if it were still there I would have been born Scottish.

0aa1307bfdd22320586687c3a840b7c0This is Bamburgh Castle one of the most famous in the North East.

I hope you have enjoyed a snapshot of where I live.

With our postal system I can send up to 100g so I enclosed a piece of fabric anyway for no extra cost.  It went in the post today.

With smiles from

Kate x


Hi I’m Kate……….

a girl (and I use the term very loosely) who quilts.


I am so happy and excited to be part of Bee Inspired, a brand new quilt bee. I’ve been in a Bee once before, a couple of years ago and this year I’m lucky enough to be in two, this one, and Stash Bee in Hive two, I can’t believe it.

I live in a village in Northeast England less than 20 miles from where I was born and grew up in a mining community. My husband and I have four children between us, all grown and flown, and four grandchildren.  We share our home and our lives with Ella and Indi, two working type springer spaniels well named the eternal puppies of the dog world.

I began my quilting journey over ten years ago, first by attending a class in a local school then going on to a handmade sampler quilt class at a local quilt shop. I’m not saying I’m an expert, I’ve lots of experience, or even that I’m particularly good at it, but after more than ten years I still enjoy it.

Since I started quilting I have gone through many different phases but really started to change and develop when my husband gave me an iPad two years ago and  I found the on line quilting community.  I started my blog smilesfromkate.blogspot.co.uk in January 2016, it has been a revelation.  I have met so many wonderful people and made some great friends and consider myself very lucky to have been so warmly welcomed and accepted into the quilt blogging community.

Kate x