Poodle Block for Karen

A poor little lost doggie will be finding his way soon to Karen’s house.  Karen was queen bee in June and wrote several posts, starting with this one, about her trip to Paris and some wonderful tips for piecing the pooch.Poodle finishedYou can read more about making this block in this post and this one.  I’ve got one more doggie to make for Ann and will do so very soon!



These Blocks Inspire Me!

July was my month as Hive Queen for the Bee Inspired online bee. So what does that mean? Did I get a crown or something?

New Years 2015 1

Alas, no crown for me! <grin> Being Hive Queen does mean however that I get to choose a block and my bee mates will each make that block for me. Makes me feel like a queen, and I don’t have to wear a funny crown! Win-win.

I chose a block of my own design, which I call Irish Eyes. My intention (once I receive the blocks from my bee mates) is to create a modern Irish Chain quilt.

Sample quilt 1

Let’s take a look at the blocks I’ve received so far. The first block I received was from Irene @ Patchwork and Pastry. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. I could be wrong, but it seems that Irene is almost always the first one done with the block for that month.

Irenes block 1

I’d asked everyone to send a scrap bit of the fabrics they’d used in their blocks, to help me make the border for my planned quilt and Irene sent two! Isn’t she sweet?

Next, I received a block from Velda @ Granny Can Quilt. Not to be outdone, Velda sent me two blocks! She also sent some fish fabric by Kaffe Fasset. How did she know I love his fabrics?

Veldas block 1

Sue’s block (Sue @ Seven Oak Street Quilts) arrived next, along with a bright square of matching fabric. I had asked my bee mates to place the darkest green fabric in the center of the block, with gradually lighter greens radiating outwards. Isn’t Sue’s block wonderful?

Sues Block 1

It was only a day or two later that Emily’s block (Emily @ The Darling Dogwood) arrived. Like Irene, Emily included two lovely scraps of green fabric.

Emily's block 1

I received Paige’s block next (Paige @ Quilted Blooms). Her block includes the loveliest bright greens! Isn’t it beautiful? Paige included three strips of green fabric matching the fabric she used in her block. I’m simply overwhelmed by her generosity! The scraps that each of my bee mates have sent will really help me make a wonderful coordinating border for my quilt.

Paige block

Here are the blocks all together. To add to this wonderful collection, I have the block I made as a sample, and a block I received from my friend Alice. Alice saw my block tutorial (it’s here) and she loved it so much she made me a block! You can pick out Alice’s block easily–she adores shiny fabric!

Blocks I Have Gotten So Far 1

A few more blocks are on their way, and I’ll share them when they arrive. We are an international group and sometimes blocks take a while to get here. We are also a group of busy quilt bloggers and so sometimes, the business of quilting must take precedent. Frankly, I hope they take their time because I love the anticipation!

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