French Poodle for Karen!

Poodle done!  And now I’ll search my stash for some pink or wine to send with it.  Karen, thanks so much for making up those labels for us.  That was a SUPER help!


If you have a rotating cutting mat, this project is a good one to pull it out for!

rotating cutting mat

I was so excited to get this done that I took a picture right away.  It could use a good pressing.  🙂  Now to search my stash for a nice pink or wine for Karen’s happy mail!



April and May Brown Paws Blocks

Here we are into June, and I haven’t yet posted about my April and May blocks.  Both were fun to do, and I’m happy with how they came out.

This was April – fun birds for Velda from GrannyCanQuilt.  My first block is this one:

first birds

I’m also making my own set of blocks from a Me+You bundle of batiks, duplicating each of the monthly Bee blocks.  These are the bird blocks I made from my own quilt:

me+you birds

I just love these blocks, and they are a great way of using up scraps.  I might start making my own set of blocks for a big bird quilt!

For May, Irene of Patchwork & Pastry went a very different direction.  She was looking for a very subtle palette with an assortment of grays.  At first I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough grays to  get this block to come together, but I was really surprised with the selection I had.  This was my fabric pull – the photo is in monotone to check the values:

Gray block fabric pull

Her block was a series of 9-patches gradually increasing in size.  Here it is coming together:

gray first piecing

Look at that cute bitty 9-patch!

small 9 patch

And the final block:

gray full block

I’m really pretty happy with it – it came out a bunch better than I thought it would.  I’m going to have to figure out how to adapt this block to my Me+You color palette, which is a lot more colorful.

I hope Velda and Irene like their blocks – both have been sent off.

Now on to French Poodles in June!







Finished block for Irene

I was a bit unsure when I first saw this block, one inch pieces??????  Actually it went together quite easily, the tiny two inch UNFINISHED block was a little fiddly, and the seams on the two inch block are very slightly wonky, but all in all it was an enjoyable block to make.

IMG_4691 2

The colours are a bit skewed but grey on a grey design wall came out like a black and white photo.

Tomorrow it will be on it’s way.  I hope you like it Irene.

Smiles from Kate

nine patch cubed for Irene

I had a little bit of an advantage on this block.  Irene & I are in the same hive for the Stash Bee and she was Queen there for April.  I knew she planned on using the same block for both bees, so I was able to make the May block last month.

May BeeInspired

I mailed this last week, so I’m hoping it’s already made it to Irene.

Irene and I got to meet in person in February!  Here is photographic proof!  I’m on the far left and Irene is in the light blue shirt.  The other 2 ladies are Flora (far right) and Sana (between me & Irene), both friends of Irene’s from her guild.


We both live in North Carolina, though we’re about 3 hours from each other.  Irene had an extra bed at her Airbnb for QuiltCon, and she invited me to join her and her friends.  I had never met any of them in person, but both friends are librarians and we know some of the same people.  I had a ton of fun with them and am so grateful that Irene offered me the opportunity.  It’s truly great to get to meet Quilty friends in person!  I also met Paige while there, though we were only able to chat for a few minutes.

I can’t wait to see your finished quilt, Irene!  I hope it looks beautiful in your newly redone bedroom!

It’s my turn in May!

Ok, so first let me say that this block was supposed to be green!  I want to make an “every day” quilt for our bed.  Up until a couple of weeks ago, our bedroom looked like this:

Ok, also zuerst muss ich sagen, dass es meine Absicht war diesen Block grün zu machen! Ich möchte eine Steppdecke für unser Bett machen. Bis vor zwei Wochen sah unser Schlafzimmer so aus:


Well, I have never been a fan – but, this bed had been bought by BHE when he was still on his own and he was sentimentally attached to it.  So even though I had hinted at a different one over the years, it was never a priority.  Having said all that, two weeks ago, we made an IKEA trip (3 hrs away).  BHE spottted a bed in the back of the bed section and immediately proclaimed: “now that I like!”  After a brief (very brief) glance at the price tag, I RAN to the cash register and paid for it.  So our bed room now looks like this:

Na ja, ich war nie ein Fan – aber BHE hat das Bett gekauft, als er noch auf eigener Faust war und er war darüber ein wenig sentimental. Ich habe im Laufe der Jahre auf ein anderes angedeutet, aber ein neues Bett war nie eine Priorität.  Wir haben vor zwei Wochen eine IKEA-Reise (3 Stunden entfernt) unternommen. BHE hat dort ein Bett gesehen und verkündete sofort: “Also, dieses Bett gefällt mir!” Nach einem kurzen (sehr kurzen) Blick auf das Preisschild bin ich zur Kasse gelaufen und habe bezahlt. Unser Schlafzimmer sieht jetzt so aus:

As you probably all can see, green will not work!  I have switched to soft gray.

Man kann sofort sehen dass grün hier nicht funktionieren wird!  Ich habe die Farbe auf hell-grau umgestellt.

And so, after this longish story, here is my block: it will be a “faux” nine patch in a nine patch.  “Faux” because the two inner blocks are true nine patches, but the outer on is not.  More on that in the instructions below.

Und so, nach dieser langen Geschichte, mein Block: Es wird ein “Faux” neun Patch in einem neun Patch sein. “Faux”, weil die beiden inneren Blöcke echte neun Patch sind, aber der äußere ist es nicht. Mehr dazu in der Anleitung weiter unten.

Fabrics: grey!  Soft, pale greys please.

Die Stoffe:  Grau, hellgrau bitte schön!

I have been collecting “true” grey for a few years and I have learned that grey is not always grey….I would prefer as true of a grey as you have in your stash, but if it has to be “tinted” in one day or another, I’d prefer blue based grey.  Below are a few photos where I explain which ones I would prefer versus which ones I would not.

Ich sammle schon seit ein paar Jahren graue Stoffe – “echtes” grau.  Ich habe dadurch gelernt dass grau nicht immer grau ist (manchmal ist es blau-grau, grün-grau oder braun-grau).  Wenn ihr kein echtes grau habt, dann bitte blau-grau verwenden.  Ich habe weiter unten ein paar Photos, wo ich Euch meine Präferenzen zeige.




But please do not go out and buy a whole bunch of fabric – this is not the purpose of this bee! I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever you send!

Hier nun ein Ersuchen:  Bitte nicht Stoffe kaufen gehen – diese Bee heisst “Stash Bee” weil wir Stoffe verwenden sollen die wir in unserem Stash haben – ich bin sicher dass ich mit was immer ihr schickt hochzufrieden sein werde!  

Please minimize the batiks (no problem if a square or two is batik, but the finished block should not read batik).

Bitte keine Batik Stoffe! (wenn ein kleines Stückchen hie und da Batik ist, ist das kein Problem, aber wenn man den Block sieht soll man nicht nur Batik sehen)

No obviously juvenile or themed prints.

Und bitte keine Jugendliche oder Thema Stoffe.

I would prefer that no other colors are on your fabric – just grey on grey or grey/white.

Mein Wunsch ist dass da keine andere Farben dabei sind – nur grau oder grau und weiss.

As many different prints as you have.

So viele verschiedene Stoffe wie ihr habt – je mehr desto besser.

Cut: (zuschneiden)

9 ea. 1″ squares / 9 Sück 1″ Quadrate

8 ea. 2″ squares / 8 Stück 2″ Quadrate

4 ea. 5” x 6” rectangles / 4 Stück 5″ x 6″ Rechtecke

4 ea. 6″ x 6″ rectangles / 4 Stück 6″ x 6″ Quadrate

Construct a nine-patch out of the 1″ squares. (This nine patch will measure 2”).

Bitte ein neun-Patch aus den 1″ Quadraten nähen.  (Das neun-Patch wird dann 2″ sein)



Use the nine patch you just created and the eight 2″ squares, to construct another nine patch.  You can place the tiny nine patch in the center, or anywhere else.  This new nine patch will measure 5”.

Aus den 2″ Stückchen, und dem neun-Patch dass ihr schon genäht habt, eine neues neun-Patch nähen.  Das kleine neun-Patch muss NICHT in der Mitte sein…ihr könnt das wo immer es euch gefällt hinein nähen.  Dieses neue neun-Patch wird 5″ sein. 



Use two of your 5” x 6” rectangles and sew them to two of the sides of your nine patch (only the 5” side will fit properly).  Then, sew your ***** squares to either side of your remaining 5” x 6” rectangles.  Finish your block by sewing it all together as if it were a nine patch.  You should end up with a 16” block.

Jetzt zwei der 5″ x 6″ Rechtecke an das 5″ neun-Patch nähen (nur die 5″ Seiten passen da hin).  Dann je zwei von den 6″ x 6″ Quadraten and die Seiten von den 5″ x 6″ Rechtecken nähen.  Den Block dann zusammen nähen – das Resultat sollte 16″ an allen vier Seiten sein. 


The resulting block will look something like this:

Der Block wird am Ende so aussehen:

Again, please do NOT go out and buy a bunch of fabric – I will be more than pleased with whatever you do!

Und noch einmal:  bitte nicht Stoffe kaufen gehen!

March Bee Block for Kate

Here it is almost the end of March and I’m just getting my bee block done! Here’s the fabric pull for the block—I have a lot of Christmas fabrics although I could have used any red or green to make the block.

Fabric Pull 1

I have a reason besides a lack of time for getting the bee block done so late: I wanted to finish my mini quilt for Kate and send it along with her block. Since she lives in England, it made sense to bundle the two together. Well, I finished my mini and it’s cute as a button! I won’t show it here, but if you want to see it, you can see it here on my blog. I will however show you the block I made for Kate though.

My Block for Kate 1Kate choose a block that includes wonky trees and wonky gnomes. Wonky is not really my thing because I’m a planner and wonky requires working without a plan. But I have to admit the block turned out pretty cute and it was totally worth the struggle. Everyone elses’ blocks are so cute, I can’t wait to see how Kate’s quilt turns out.

My Block for Kate 3

I had lots of fun making the block, and you will too if you want to give it a try. The block really lets you play with fabric scraps, one of my favorite things. For the pattern, Kate pointed us to a tutorial by Sylvia @ Flying Parrot Quilts. This block is perfect for dipping your toe into the wonky pond if you want to give wonkiness a try.

My Block for Kate 2Now to get a label on that mini quilt and ship the mini and the block off to England and Kate!