Eye Spy Blocks for Paige

Paige is sharing Queenly honors with me this month, and for her block she requested a teen-aged version of a modern Eye Spy block. Here’s her sample.

I spy blocks 2Paige said we could use anything we wanted in the middle, as long as we used purple, pink, blue, aqua or grey solids on the outside. I have a large selection of solids so that wasn’t a problem. Finding modern prints that might qualify as Eye Spy was harder, but not too hard as I came up with several.

Paiges block 1Since the block was simple, Paige asked if we could make more than one if we had time.  She plans to sew them together into charity quilts for teenagers. The blocks were indeed very simple and fast to make. I had so much fun finding fabric for them, I made three!

Paiges block 3Here they are Paige! They will soon be on their way to you.

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Shamrocks for Jennifer

These are so cute!  I think your border is going to look fabulous, Jennifer!  It’s so nice to see your completed top (so far) from last year and I love that you’ve got us working on a different block for the same quilt!  I thought that the darker fabric here that almost looks like grass was in the block I made you last year, but when I looked back I realized that fabric was actually in Sue’s block from last year.  We’re all connected by fabric!


March Bee inspired Jennifer

February Block For Ann

I did finish my block for Ann on time, it was just adding out to the blog I forgot about.


I used some of my favourite Alison Glass fabrics, as well as several others from my Gypsy Wife quilt.  It’s a bit brighter than the pic suggests and if it’s an odd shape it’s because I left it untrimmed.  I hope you like it Ann, it’s on the way.

With smiles from,

Kate x

March Blocks for Paige

As I was pulling fabrics for these blocks, I realized my stash is SORELY lacking any solids.  Thank goodness the few colors I had were in your list, Paige.  I think the only other solids I have are black and white!  The pink isn’t technically a solid, it’s some kind of grungy (or maybe a batik?) looking pink but it’s as close as I could get.   If you think the bunny is too babyish, then don’t feel like you have to include it. I just know my 19 year old daughter thinks its cute.  I had to cut it kind of on the diagonal to get the whole thing to fit.  Otherwise his tail would have been cut off!   Jennifer, your block is next!

paiges blocksJanice

Tu-Na Quilts: An Hour to Spare

With just an hour to spare, I finished sewing Ann’s block. Hooray, I am all caught up with my bee blocks for the year. At least for an hour.


tunaquilts 3a

The pattern for this block can be found here


I finished Sharon’s block earlier today. Both will be mailed tomorrow because the post office is closed for the day.

tunaquilts 5a

The yellow is bright. The print has yellow not green in it so it looks better than the photo. Sharon’s pattern link can be found here.

What I Learned Today:

  1. Being caught up is a very nice feeling. Maybe that will be incentive enough to finish the next one before the end of the month. 
  2. I really liked the scrappy log one. I cut more pieces than I needed. I guess I’ll be adding this one to my “must make” list, too.

    tunaquilts 4a

    I have lots of leftover scraps of scraps, now. It must be a sign.

Question: Ham and eggs or Bacon and eggs? For me, scrambled eggs with cubes of ham, onions, and peppers. Yum!

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Karen, Tu-Na Quilts

I Spy Block Tutorial {Teenage Version}

March is my month to be queen for Bee Inspired.  I have chosen an easy peasy block using just two fabrics.  This rectangle block is used by permission from a fellow Greenville MQG member, Didi at DidiQuilts.com.

I’m calling it a Teenage I Spy block.

Finished size 8 x 12, (unfinished 8 1/2″ x 12 1/2″)

I spy block

My local traditional guild is making charity quilts for girls of all ages up to teenage who are living at a home for children.  The plan is to give each girl a quilt which they can then take with them when they are old enough to leave.  I want to make a larger lap quilt for a teenager.

Fabrics – Block Center   

For the block center anything goes.  Feel free to use novelty prints,  low volume prints, or anything that inspires you.

Fabrics – Framing Fabric

For the frames or borders please use solids in the following colors:

Pink, Purple, Blue, Aqua, and Gray – Feel free to use lights, mediums and darks in any shades or tones.

My only prerequisite is that I would like for the fabrics to be prewashed.  Prewashing is easy if you follow my tutorial for prewashing a small amount of fabric.

Cutting the Fabric

From the novelty fabric used for the center of the block, cut:

(1) rectangle 4 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

From the framing fabric, cut:

(4) rectangles 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ 

I spy parts


Sew (1) framing rectangle to each of the long sides of the central rectangle.  Press seams towards the framing fabric.

Tip:  When sewing the framing rectangles onto the central rectangle, sew with the framing rectangles on the bottom.  That way, if the central rectangle was cut on the lengthwise grain, the framing rectangles will has less opportunity to stretch as you are piecing.

I spy sides

Sew the remaining (2) rectangles to the top and bottom of the block and press the seams, again, toward the framing fabric.  And, tada, you are done!  Here are some I Spy blocks I have made.

I spy blocks 2.jpg

Feel free to make a many as you like, because I will need 42 blocks which will make a lap quilt in a 6 x 7 block layout measuring 56″ x 72″.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you make.