Li’l Shamrocks for Jennifer

Saint Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but I finally have made a couple of  little shamrock blocks to be included in the border of Jennifer’s quilt.

Shamrocks Two

These little shamrocks measure just 4 1/2″, so sewn into the quilt they will be 4″.


I used a Cotton and Steel print, Dottie in Picnic green, and another green, a print from Hazel by Alison of Cluck, Cluck, Sew.

Sharmrocks more

You see,  Jennifer is continuing her theme from 2017.  Her block from March 2017 was Irish Eyes.

And one more pic of a little shamrock.

Shamrock Single

These are in the mail to Jennifer and I can’t wait to see her finished quilt.

Tu-Na Quilts: For Paige and Jennifer

Tu-Na Quilts: For Paige and Jennifer

Obviously I didn’t learn my lesson well enough in February (read #1 of What I Learned Today found on Tu-Na Quilts: An Hour to Spare) which means that I was behind, again. 

But have no fear, Jennifer’s cute little Shamrocks are expected to be in her hands on Saturday.


tunaquilts 4a

I said to count me in for three. But I got to making these and they practically sewed themselves so I made four.


That same day Paige will be jumping for joy as she opens her envelope from me to get her blocks.


tunaquilts 1a

Oh, dear, this is not one of her blocks.



tunaquilts 2a

And neither is this one.




tunaquilts 3a

Ahh! Much better!


Tu-Na Helper and I were visiting (not shopping since I didn’t buy anything) some antique stores and happened upon those cute little sock monkeys. I couldn’t help but photograph them as I had just finished making Paige’s blocks.

Paige is making a quilt for a teenage girl. When I found the sock monkey fabric, I knew I just had to include it.  I know a teen would love it.

However, I knew she would be orientating them the long way so now her quilt will have…


tunaquilts 6a

They were just too cute not to include even if they are lying on their sides.


a tower of sock monkeys!

What I Learned Today:

  1. I must have some British blood. When I checked the correct usage of orientating or orienting, Mr. Google said orientating is “a British thing. Orientating is the typical British usage, vs. American “orienting”.” (Yahoo) I prefer orientating.
  2. Mr. Google is wrong. I have German blood.

Question: What are your roots? Heritage, I mean, not the hair variety. Catherine the Great invited my ancestors (and their neighbors) living in Germany to come to Russia and teach the locals how to farm. They went and settled in the Odessa Region for a long time until the welcome mat was rolled up making their exodus necessary. They made their way to America. All I really know of them is that they knew how to work hard and took pride in doing a good job. 

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Karen, Tu-Na Quilts


Bee Inspired – (late) Block for Emily

When Emily requested a “book shelf” block with a theme, I knew immediately that mine was going to be a Harry Potter block (unless someone else snapped up the idea first).  Luckily, no one did and I was able to do it.

Als Emily einen “Bücherregal” -Block mit einem Thema anforderte, wusste ich sofort, dass meiner ein Harry-Potter-Block sein würde (es sei denn, jemand anderer hatte die Idee zuerst aufgenommen). Zum Glück war ich die einzige (oder die erste?) die diese Idee hatte….

I decided to print the book spines and then construct each of the books out of a different fabric.  Each book is also a different width (since each of the books has a vastly different number of pages).

Ich beschloss, die Buchrücken zu drucken und dann jedes der Bücher aus einem anderen Stoff zu konstruieren. Jedes Buch hat auch eine andere Breite (da jedes der Bücher eine sehr unterschiedliche Anzahl von Seiten hat).

Designing the book spines was a lot of fun (and also VERY time consuming).  Everything from the font, the colors, the design elements, the positioning of each element or text  became major decisions as I obsessed over them.  I am satisfied with the result, given the limitations of my printer…..I would have liked to incorporate the color of the fabric into my spines, but my printer cannot handle that volume of color saturation on fabric.

Die Gestaltung der Buchrücken hat viel Spaß gemacht (und war auch sehr zeitaufwendig). Alles von der Schriftart, den Farben, den Designelementen, der Positionierung jedes Elements oder Textes waren sehr wichtige Entscheidungen! Ich bin mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden, angesichts der Einschränkungen meines Druckers ….. Ich hätte gerne die Farbe des Stoffes in meine Buchrücken integriert, aber mein Drucker kann diese Menge von Farbsättigung auf Stoff nicht verarbeiten.

I left Emily a little extra fabric on the top and the right side so she can trim the block and make it fit into her quilt.  I do hope she likes it….(and forgives my tardiness)

Ich habe Emily ein wenig extra Stoff oben und auch rechts gelassen, damit sie den Block so zuschneiden kann wie sie ihn braucht. Ich hoffe wirklich, er gefällt ihr und sie vergibt meine Verspätung.