Boat Blocks Project Linus Quilt

These blocks were fun and fast to make!  Or they would have been had I not chosen to use directional fabrics for the sky.  Sheesh!  Because of that, the flags on one of these blocks had to be sewn on backwards because I didn’t think it through when I was making the HST’s.  Sorry about that, Emily!  You don’t have to use that one if it doesn’t look good with the others.


September Block for Janice

Yikes!!!  If it wasn’t for Kate reminding me, I would have forgotten to do this.  I had it in my head that my month was October!   Well, here we go . . .

Two of my favorite loves are star blocks and house blocks so what could be better than something that combines both together!  Sandra at Mmm! Quilts designed a block like this.   It is soooo easy and very fun to make.   Although you’ve probably already seen these, I’ll show you the samples I have made and then link to Sandra’s pattern at the end of the post.

Here is the first one I ever made and it made me fall in love with this block.

blue house.jpg

The blocks measure 16″ but there are so many big pieces that the block goes together very quickly.  The part that takes the longest is probably choosing the fabrics.  I’ll address that next.

yellow house.jpg

As you can see I am kind of doing a “house by color” kind of idea.  In other words, you can choose whatever fabrics you like, even multi-colored prints as long as the block reads mostly one color.    I don’t have a green house, black/white house, purple house, brown house, or orange house  or any of those yummy in between colors.  I seriously won’t mind at all if you want to make a house in one of the colors I already have.

pink house

So far, my colors have been pretty bright and saturated because I LOVE bright, modern colors and fabrics; however, if your stash does not have that much of those colors, I would love to see a pretty pastel house or a low volume house with a POP of bright colors on the door and star points.   Funny enough, my favorite color is red but I’m not very excited about this red block I made.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m not in love with it.  So let’s add red to the list of colors I don’t have.

red house


If you don’t want to make a block this big or you have another house block you have been dying to try,  send me that instead!

Have fun, bee mates!


March Blocks for Paige

As I was pulling fabrics for these blocks, I realized my stash is SORELY lacking any solids.  Thank goodness the few colors I had were in your list, Paige.  I think the only other solids I have are black and white!  The pink isn’t technically a solid, it’s some kind of grungy (or maybe a batik?) looking pink but it’s as close as I could get.   If you think the bunny is too babyish, then don’t feel like you have to include it. I just know my 19 year old daughter thinks its cute.  I had to cut it kind of on the diagonal to get the whole thing to fit.  Otherwise his tail would have been cut off!   Jennifer, your block is next!

paiges blocksJanice

Update on October Blocks!

Hi Ladies!

Just a quick note to show you what I’ve accumulated so far with both the blocks I have made myself and the ones I have received.  Velda, I just got yours in the mail.  Thank you!  I was hoping you would use your cute Gypsy Wife scraps on one of them and you did!

This will not be the final layout.  I am just throwing them up on the wall as they come in or as I make one.  If anyone is unsure about what I like and you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  I like hearing from you.  🙂  A couple of the blocks I made are pretty busy and I may not use them but I wanted to try and see how they would turn out.  Ya never know ’til you try!

Don’t forget, the block is only 8 inches so please make two.  Thanks so much!  I am loving what has come in so far!

design wall 5