Quatrefoil Block for Sharon

This was such a lovely block to get us started for 2018.


I do hope you like it Sharon, I chose lots of fabrics which mean something to me, like the ladybirds?


With smiles from

Kate x


Bookcase block for Emily

So sorry it’s late Emily but I hope you like it anyway.  The theme is the ‘author’, Alison Glass.

I added a Russian doll on the shelf and a bookworm, Gloom.  I really enjoyed making it, so much so it has now gone on my wishlist as a gift for my long suffering beloved.  Why long suffering?  You haven’t seen what migrates out from my sewing room into every other room in the house.  It wasn’t me though, it must have been the dogs, hehe.

IMG_0777 2

Enjoy, this is going to be a fabulous quilt.

With smiles from,

Kate x

Dog Gone Cute Block for Ann

I hope you like the block I made you, the doggie might be blue but it is definitely female.


It caused me so much trouble that I had to name it Indi after my little bundle of mischief.


You would think butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but in the past week she has chewed my favourite cushion cover and somehow managed to pull down one of my floor length curtains,


and dragged it from the lounge, through the hall, and into the kitchen.  No wonder springer spaniels are named the eternal puppies, she has just had her fourth birthday.

I hope you love your Indi as much as I love mine.

With smiles from,

Kate x

Finished block for Irene

I was a bit unsure when I first saw this block, one inch pieces??????  Actually it went together quite easily, the tiny two inch UNFINISHED block was a little fiddly, and the seams on the two inch block are very slightly wonky, but all in all it was an enjoyable block to make.

IMG_4691 2

The colours are a bit skewed but grey on a grey design wall came out like a black and white photo.

Tomorrow it will be on it’s way.  I hope you like it Irene.

Smiles from Kate

Look what came in the post.

A wonderful surprise was on the doormat when I got home from work, take a look at


this baby!  Isn’t it cute?  It came all the way from Canada from the lovely Velda.  Thank you Velda, I love it.

Coming home from work is an adventure, I never know what is going to be waiting for me on the doormat, exciting or what?

Smiles from

Kate x