It looks like “Murder” to me….

This is a very short post for my “Bee Inspired” Quilty buddies across the cyber world. This month one of our group is dealing with the  worry, unease, and anxiety that comes when a family member is sick.  Karen, my whole family reaches out to yours with a sincere hope that your dad rebounds from his illness and makes a good recovery.

When Karen asked for volunteers to switch Queen Bee months  so that she could help her mom and dad, I offered, even though I had not completely decided what Block I was going to request from you.  Fortunately  my newest project was screaming for help.  I am calling the quilt “It looks like Murder to Me”.


Crazy Coloured Crows!

See my sample block below for these  fabulously wingy things.  I think  they are awaaaaay too cute.  Amirite? Just sayin….


FYI…a group of crows is a called a  “Murder”.  And, because my block is made up of  4 crows,  technically speaking each block is an actual  “Murder” of crows. Who knew…

Block Information

Please make 4 bird segments similar or not similar to the four in the block above but don’t sew them together.  I want to mix and match your crows with some I’ve made and with some plain blocks and possibly some trees I’m imagining up even as I write this.

As you may or may not know, I love love love colour, so please indulge me by

  • using  lots of brightly coloured,  or black on white, or white on black,  fabrics for the 3 1/2″ square body pieces.
  • If you used black/white fabric for the 3 1/2″ square body parts, then please use bright coloured fabric on the 1 1/2 x 3 1/2″ body rectangles (or vice versa of course).
  • The itty bitty beaks can be colourful scraps that contrast with the other fabrics.
  • Legs can be any colour that strikes your fancy.
  • The backgrounds can be as scrappy (or not!) as you like using low volume fabrics.  (I used the same fabric for all the background pieces in the lower left segment above and I think that looks great in one segment too.)
  • let your improv wings soar (pun intended).  The birds can stand facing either left or right …beaks can be big or small…legs can be straight or on an angle.  Really, seriously, whatever floats your boat.

As you can tell by my blog post, I have an unorthodox relationship with the crows that inhabit my tiny world, and I want to celebrate it with this quirky little quilt.  I cannot wait to see the finished blocks.

Ladies, when you are finished your blocks, please make a short post on our Facebook page to say they are in the mail, but don’t post any pictures of your crows…I’m planning a contest to see if we are getting to know each other well enough yet to be able to tell who made each crow.   I will post lots of pics I promise.  I’m already all a-twitter to see them…sigh…I am so pathetic. 





10 thoughts on “It looks like “Murder” to me….

  1. Looks like tons of fun even though wonky scares me. One question though–I was planning to post on my blog about my block next week. If I don’t post here or on Facebook, is that ok, or should I not post at all? I’ve got the New Quilters Blog Hop next week and I wanted to post all week and this was one of the posts I knew I could get done quickly which is why I’m askin’


  2. Hi Velda, There is a tiny correction that needs to be made to the instructions. The piece that goes between the legs is supposed to be 3 x 1, but up in the list of things to cut out of low volume fabrics it is showing as 3 x 1 1/2.


  3. I just had to share this with my husband…what a story…made us laugh this morning! Your story is a hoot….to us…maybe not to you and the doggies. We have a cat that “barks” or makes a chittering sound as she sits in the window watching the birds and squirrels….yes, that is entertainment for us old folks. Retirement is NEVER boring in this house either!


  4. Thank you Velda for taking my month and flying with it. This will be a fun block to make. I just now got time to read your post. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. My dad is slowly recovering and getting stronger every day. I appreciate your caring and patience while I take care of priority number one…family. When my dad got the “safe to travel” from his doctor two weeks ago, mom and I flew home with him to ND and I stayed with them for 10 days to help get them settled. I am now back in AZ for a couple more weeks before we travel back to ND. I now have to get busy as a bee to get caught up with the bee blocks before the end of the month.

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