Tu-Na Travels and Quilts: Day Six in Paris and Building the Frame Around Our Pampered Pooch

Today we returned on foot to the Louvre to see many paintings by some very well-known masters:

tunaquilts 13a



tunaquilts 14a



tunaquilts 15a



We saw lots of other paintings including some with lots of hands



tunaquilts 16a

and some with really pretty faces.

tunaquilts 17a

We left the Louvre and began our walk to the Arc de Triomphe. Along the way we saw a very interesting concept which we think the cities where we live should use—at least we haven’t seen it yet.

tunaquilts 18a

Again, maybe it doesn’t take much to impress us, but we were very intrigued with this sidewalk vacuum. Do you have sidewalk vacuums where you live?


Finally, we reached the Arc.

tunaquilts 19aa

One more trip past the Eiffel Tower made the end of a beautiful day.


tunaquilts 27a

What I learned today…Lundi, April 21, 2014

  1. Crème Brulee and coffee in an outdoor café makes a delicious Parisian lunch.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  2. 4.80€ for a small cup of coffee without refills is a bit expensive, so is a bottle of water at 3.50€. No water is served unless you pay for it.
  3. Paprika Pringles are very tasty. I sure hope I can start buying them at home.
  4. There are 284 steps in the circular staircase leading up to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Going down was much easier.

    tunaquilts 20a

    Looking down from the top.

  5. The Arc de Triomphe sits in the center of an intersection of 12 major streets coming together with a round-about (circle). Luckily for me, I wasn’t driving or I’d probably still be there (I am a timid driver).

    tunaquilts 21a

    A view from on top of the Arc de Triomphe. Note the tree lined streets coming towards the Arc and the Eiffel Tower in the background.

  6. Went back to the Gloria restaurant and verified that it is the best Italian food we’ve tasted.

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  7. The app on my husband’s phone read 27,863 steps today or 10.99 miles. We both had dessert this evening. We earned it!tunaquilts 26a

Poodle Block Tips:

Now onto Part Six (6) Building the Frame Around Our Pampered Pooch (You will find links to Parts 1-5 at the very end of this post.)

Handy Hint: I highly recommend laying out these frame parts on an extra cutting mat, corner of your sewing table, large cookie sheet or tray, piece of cardboard, pool table, large design board or whatever flat space you can find where you can let them stay while you finish the block or easily move them all contained without messing them up. Just in case you get distracted, you can easily come back and pick right up where you left off.

Use Sally’s Tutorial for the Right facing poodle found on her blog The Objects of Design or my picture below to lay the following pieces in the correct orientation. Moving clockwise, lay them in the following order: 

  • Top left corner (refer to number 1 in pic below to help you find it)
  • Top right corner (2)
  • Right side under muzzle (3)
  • Bottom middle (4)
  • Bottom left corner (5)
  • Lower left middle (6)
  • Behind rear under tail (7)
tunaquilts 30aaa

The names on the labels were so small so I put numbers here to help you identify the piece.


You will also need the following Extra pieces:  three 1.25″ square body pieces, one 2″ body square, and one 1.25″ x 2″ body piece. Follow Sally’s tutorial or my picture below, lay the pieces right side together:

  • Top right corner (piece 2 in picture below) needs a 1.25″ square body piece on the left bottom corner.
  • Right side under muzzle (piece 3 in picture below) needs a 1.25″ square body piece on the top left corner.
  • Lower left middle (piece 6 in picture below) needs the 1.25″ x 2″ body piece sewn to the right side (shortest side). Might as well go sew this one with right sides together 1/4″ seam, press to the dark.
  • Behind rear under tail  (piece 7 in picture below) needs the 2 ” body square placed in the upper right corner AND a 1.25″ body square in the lower right corner.
tunaquilts 35aa

I’ve drawn in the sewing lines. We won’t be using all the pieces for this part.


Now flip those corners (draw a diagonal line from corner to corner, stitch, trim to 1/4″, press). (Refer to Part 3 Prepping those Furry Accent Pieces if you need to see how that is done).

Did I make an extra bonus half-square triangle block using the 2″ piece on the Behind rear under tail piece? It’s not required for this block but it might be useful for a future project. I sure did! Did you?

To ensure the finished block will be close to the correct size, I like to square each piece now to the following sizes:

  • Top right corner squares to 2.75″
  • Right side under muzzle squares to 3.5″ x 9.5″
  • Lower left middle squares to  3.5″ x 2″
  • Behind rear under tail squares to 3.5″ x 5″

Now stand back and look at your hard work.

tunaquilts 33a

Coming soon as we near the finish line: Part Sept (7) Prepping the Last of the Extra Pieces

Finally, we break through the ribbon and finish with Part Huit (8) Some Assembly Required

What I Learned Today:

  1. I still can’t find paprika Pringles around here (in North Dakota). I’ll have to check in Arizona this winter.
  2. June is going fast.

Question: Have you run in a race? What does it feel as you near the finish line? No racing for me since I’ve been out of school but my 8 year old grandson ran in one in Duluth. I can’t wait to hear about it when we see him.

Au Revoir

Karen, Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats

If you enjoyed this post and would like to read more about my journey or follow me, please visit my blog, Tu-Na Quilts, Travels, and Eats. Thank you for visiting Bee Inspired.

Here are the previous poodle posts just in case you need to catch up to figure out what is going on this month at Bee Inspired. We’ve all gone on vacation—don’t we wish—to Paris. Well, maybe at least in our minds and imaginations.

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