Looking ahead to 2018

I have had such a great year with you ladies, and I am thrilled we all want to continue in 2018! Many thanks to Irene for leading us this year. I am honored to take a turn as Hive Mama next year and continue in her footsteps.

I’ve been talking to our fabulous Mastermind Kate, and we’ve set up the basic groundwork for 2018. We are going to double up on Queens in two months: March & September. This will leave November as a catch-up month.

If there are any months that you do NOT want to be queen due to whatever reason, let me (Emily) know–comment on this post, comment or PM on Facebook, or email will all work. I’m going to put all our names on slips of paper in one bowl and the months (with 2 Marches and 2 Septembers) on slips of paper in another bowl. I’ll draw a name and a month. If that name has the drawn month on their “no” list, both slips go back in the bowls. Otherwise, match made. And so on. So it will basically be a random draw with people getting to say no to certain months. I think it will be the fairest and simplest way to assign months.

I want to give our January queen as much notice as possible, so I’m hoping to announce the month assignments mid-November. (I’m aiming for November 15th, 2 weeks from today.) So if everyone could get me their “no” months in the next week, that would be great.

Enough about 2018, let’s finish 2017! I’m looking forward to Paige’s tree block and since December is such a crazy month, I’ll get my tutorial out early so we can wrap up this year!

2 thoughts on “Looking ahead to 2018

  1. There are no “no” months for me in 2018. I look forward to getting to know everyone even better next year and FYI I’m already planning the quilt I will make with the blocks I receive from you.


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